the act of punching a someone in the -ss so hard they have an instant -ssgasm but also cracking their pelvis
man, this delacy guy, he kept talkin’smack about my home country, so i totally badoofed him right into the hospital. that’s nicab-tchinragua for ya, baby.

man, remember when me and tom eiffel towered ruth? she tried biting him, so i -n-lbadoofed that b-tch. man, that was messed.

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  • *n*l b*mrush

    an invention of 5th graders playing truth or dare in the schoolyard (10-year-olds in schoolyard) jess: rob, i dare you to give ed …an -n-l b-mrush! (kids laugh) rob: what’s an -n-l b-mrush? tony: you decide. ed: i’m not looking forward to this. rob decides. end of story.

  • *n*l endo

    when banging your girl in the -ss doggystyle, just as you’re about to c-m, you kick your legs clear off the bed and balance your weight on her back to a completed -n-l endo. it was an awesome night, after watching reruns of the ‘x’ games i gave suzy a wicked -n-l endo.

  • *n*l runoff

    sperm that leaks out of an -n-s that has just been -j-c-l-t-d into. alisha’s pregnancy is a result of -n-l runoff.

  • *n*l spasm

    when a fat person farts and their -ss proceeds to shake, rattle, and roll. -fat person farts- guy 1: aww, did you see that fat guy rip one? guy 2: yeah, he just had an -n-l spasm for sure. 1 more definition add your own when a fat person farts and their -ss proceeds to […]

  • anasovitch

    an amazing person’s last name the name of royalty what you call the smartest and most amazing person in the world wow, now that’s an anasovitch.

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