a person who randomly outbursts s-xual phrases

originating from italian food/drink
you’re such an -n-lcolico

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  • fahart

    when the fart comes out long and feels really good its a fahaaaaaaaaaart not sure how to give an example but come by my house tonight and il fahart for you

  • anal flossage

    the act of giving someone a wedgy, eg flossing their -n-s my -ss really hurts after that -n-l flossage

  • big turd

    n. the largest, most humongous log of defecation one has produced in months “holy h-ll, i just dropped a big t-rd in there and it won’t go down. do we have a plunger?” or “i spent 3 hours trying to pinch out that big t-rd! d-mn, what did i eat last night?”

  • cacabarn

    an excalamtion derived from the words caca (doodies) and barn. can also be used as a nickname. not related to the literal meaning. on a roller coaster “cacabarnnnn!!!!!!!!!!” “hey, cacabarn, how’s it goin? dude, i did not steal your bubblegum, will you just let it go already?”

  • cadour

    whatever you want it to mean/be! may be an insult,, may be a compliment,, or may be an object. noun, verb, adjective “you are sooo cadour!” “quit being such a fat cadour you wh-r-!!!!!!!!!!” “that outfit is cadour.” “waft” “vaporus smell” “consolidation of an object or organism’s own unique smell” “the bacon crackled in a […]

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