positions for anilingus, also known as “b-tt licking,” “r-mm-ng”, “-n-l-oral s-x”, “rimjob”, or “tossing the salad”, “-n-lgasm” are often variants on those for genital-oral s-x. r-mm-ng-specific positions include:

the p-ssive partner is on all fours. the active partner is behind them.

the p-ssive partner is on their back with their legs up.

the rusty trombone, in which a male is standing while the active partner is both performing anilingus from behind, generally from a kneeling position, while also masturbating the standing partner, thus somewhat resembling someone playing the trombone.
“man, you wouldn’t believe just how much hannah’s girlfriend loves -n-ligus!! hannah says she’s a total freak!”

“andrew’s new chick loves playing ‘the rusty trombone’ for him, whenever she get the chance!”

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