a rejected mortal kombat finisher for male characters. when performed the fighter would perform -n-l s-x on the opponent and each time they stroke blood would come out till they exploded. if this finisher is done in goro’s lair there would a funny scene in which the opponent drops the soap. this had many variants like for example the finisher babality–n-lity where the fighter would transform the opponent into a baby and then proceed to perform -n-lity on the opponent while they are in baby form. one other variant of the move was called the animality–n-lity where the fighter turns into an animal and then performs -n-lity while the opponent tries to get away and resist -n-lity, eventually the fighter catches the opponent and performs -n-lity but instead of the opponent exploding to death, the opponent (with awkwardly positioned legs) tries to walk away but end up having their legs fall off, the fighter (as an animal) sees this and begins walking towards the enemy who is trying to get away and then the screen turns black, blood then splatters all over the screen as painful moaning sounds are made by the opponent.

this finisher is similar to the s-xality finisher.

if -n-lity is attempted in real life the person receiving -n-lity would probably lose the ability to walk rather than explode
meat wins!
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to split hairs on a topic to the point of being -n-l.
“oh man, laaaaag!”
“dude, your ping’s 5ms higher than mine.”
“exactly! that’s a huge difference.”
the state of being -n-l
it’s like when senility sets in on older folks, only it’s being a big b-tt hole!

“man, that guy has a serious -n-lity problem!”

the state of being -n-l.
“man, that guy has a serious -n-lity problem!”
actions, habits, or tendencies of someone who is described as having an -n-l-retentive personality.
making sure that everything is in its special place on her desk is one of her most peculiar -n-lities.
the act of being an -n-l person. a gay man who regularly enjoys -ss play is said to possess -n-lity. gay male p-rn stars who enjoy inserting d-ld-s into their b-tts, have -n-lity as do gay men who enjoy receiving -n-l s-x. -n-lity is the term for people who enjoy -n-l play.
did you see jeff stryker insert that big d-ld- up his b-tt? did you see the way it slid up there. i loved watching him lube it up and his b-tt before pushing it on up there. he is possessed of -n-lity.
a grouping of obsessive traits; when someone is very particular about things
“so jill cleans her air conditioner every day?”

“yea, and her computer screen and tv. she’s got a lot of -n-lities”

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