sweet girl who looks sweet on the outside and is even nicer on the inside. however watch out and don’t get on her nerves because she will roast you. always there for you when you need her and is a super pretty girl. if you find her, never let go, she is an amazing person.
-hey you see that beautiful girl over there?
-yeah that’s -n-llely! go talk to her, she’s super kind!

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  • life-saving extraction

    physical removal of an individual from a situation that is life threatening and not compatible with continued life; when a person is removed from a dangerous situation where death is imminent. he waited patiently for a life-saving extraction from the crimes against humanity committed by the regime founded on organized crime.

  • leggacy

    genetically p-ssed-down attractiveness — or lack thereof — of human legs. that family has traditionally possessed fairly-decent-looking calves and ankles, but they also have to deal with shaving lots of body-hair every week — guess that’s leggacy for ya!

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