someone who is attracted to b-ttholes. they can be either male or female b-ttholes. it is used in the same way you would use the word bis-xual or h-m-s-xual.
jack: didn’t you hear? mary did mark in the -ss!

david: she did jenna is the -ss last week! i thought she was a lesbian?

jack: no, she’s just an -n-ls-xual.
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-n-ls-xual is a term used for a male who claims to be straight, but sticks random cylinder-shaped objects in his r-ct-m. he is usually about 13-20 years old, and he doesn’t stick things in his b-tt to get pleasure. he usually inserts things in his b-tt to get others to laugh, or create a fun, amusing atmosphere. he usually does this ritual only in front of close peers and friends. sometimes after the object is inserted into his r-ct-m, such as a carrot, he’ll consume the p–p-covered object. an -n-ls-xual is usually not gay, but many think he is. some things that can be inserted in to the r-ct-m are carrots, markers, peanuts (in the sh-ll), drumsticks, licorice, and regular tree twigs.
dude: kick–ss did you hear about what that adam kid did?!
kick–ss: no! what’d he do?
dude: he stuck a corndog up his -ss!
kick–ss: holy sh-t dude! he must be gay!
dude: no… he’s banged a bunch of girls. i think he’s just -n-ls-xual.

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