the main high school in sebastopol, a town of hippies. always abundant with the aroma of burnt coffee or the too-strong stench of cow. a school where the vice-principle plays the harmonica into the pa system and there’s a 15 minute student-produced tv show called “it’s friday” played into every cl-ssroom just before lunch on – you guessed it – fridays! a place where the “school shirt” of 05-06 was tyedye and said on the back “just because i go to -n-ly doesn’t mean i’m a hippie.” good atmosphere, too laid-back for the truly extremely exclusive cliques. it’s just expected that everyone smokes weed – some of the teachers do too. the football players aren’t that big of a deal.. but the debators are. the “coolest” kids aren’t the cheerleaders – but the drama department. 2 plays a year, and anyone who doesn’t see them both is scorned and left out of the talk that lasts at least a week of how good the play was. cutting cl-ss spring afternoons to go to the beach is expected from many. “thizz mountain” is a known phrase, as is the “hyphy movement.” plenty wannabe gangsters and guys white as snow who think they’re black. wins the important football “apple game” against rival high school el molino every year. the ‘y’ in ‘-n-ly’ is constantly crossed out, erased, or stolen (in the case of the big letters on the outside of the gym). overall, a school most people claim to hate, but too unique to not grow at least a little attached to in the 4 years you attend.
stranger: hey, what school do you go to?
-n-ly student: -n-ly high.
stranger: ohhh… then you must be a hippie!!
-n-ly student: i am not!! just read the back of my tye-dye shirt!!!
stranger: …… i rest my case.
an amazing name for an amazing person, only the best can be named -n-ly. a rare name, indeed, because -n-ly, is a rare species. -n-ly is kind, sweet, hilarious, loves money, but can be the best person in you life. if you know an -n-ly, hang on to her.
“wow, f-cking -n-ly’s too amazing.”
a beautiful girl generally sporty. any guy would die for. blue, gray or green eyes. tends to be s-xual. major flirt also a major tease.
guy 1:”she wears the tightest shirts”
guy 2:”yea but she dosent do anything”
guy 1:”what a tease”
guy 1:”thats an -n-lys fo you”

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