-n-lysation is the study of -n-s {or anii} and its environment.
we need an -n-lysation expert here, this man has serious -n-s problems!!!

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    that place near dundas that no one knows of unless they live there. do you know ware dundas is? where they have that buskerfest? ya right up the hill from that! that’s ancaster

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    to deep throat far enough to lick your partners -sshole. to be quite honest, if she gives me another benevento like that, i’ll put a ring on her finger. 1 more definition a large unflushable t-rd. the benevento had to be broken up with a stick and flushed three times to get rid of it.

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    black hooker -n-l s-x aka s-x with a black hooker dude, stop doing blahoogernalce, you’ll get aids

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