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the phrase μετατιθεμένης τῆς ἀντιφάσεως is determined by a p-ssage in -n-lyt.
aristotle george grote

-n-lyt′ics, the name given by aristotle to his treatises on logic.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 1 of 4: a-d) various

to the same purpose zabarella expresses himself in an earlier portion of his commentary on the -n-lyt.
aristotle george grote


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    -n-lyte -n-lyte an·a·lyte (ān’ə-līt’) n. a substance or chemical const-tuent that is undergoing -n-lysis.

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    pertaining to or proceeding by -n-lysis (opposed to ). skilled in or habitually using -n-lysis. (of a language) characterized by a relatively frequent use of function words, auxiliary verbs, and changes in word order to express syntactic relations, rather than of inflected forms. compare (def 3), (def 1). logic. (of a proposition) necessarily true because […]

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    a method of finding a function that coincides with a given -n-lytic function in a domain and that remains -n-lytic in a larger domain. any function found by this method.

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    . a 20th-century philosophical movement inspired by ludwig wittgenstein and marked by close attention paid to the way words are used in order to clarify concepts and to eliminate confusions arising from mystifying preconceptions about language.

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