pertaining to or proceeding by -n-lysis (opposed to ).
skilled in or habitually using -n-lysis.
(of a language) characterized by a relatively frequent use of function words, auxiliary verbs, and changes in word order to express syntactic relations, rather than of inflected forms.
compare (def 3), (def 1).
logic. (of a proposition) necessarily true because its denial involves a contradiction, as “all husbands are married.”.

(of a function of a complex variable) having a first derivative at all points of a given domain; holomorphic; regular.
(of a curve) having parametric equations that represent -n-lytic functions.
(of a proof) using .

historical examples

-n-lytical chemists check the work at every stage in the factory, and labour-saving appliances are the rule and not the exception.
our first half-century government of queensland

the “-n-lytical review” praised her in a long and leading criticism.
mary wollstonecraft elizabeth robins pennell

-n-lytical or dogmatic, comparative, anecdotical or facetious?
the english stage augustin filon

meantime the retainer goes round, like a gloomy -n-lytical chemist: always seeming to say, after ‘chablis, sir?’
our mutual friend charles d-ckens

-n-lytical geometry: the representation of geometrical figures and their relations by algebraic equations.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 11, slice 6 various

it was too much like -n-lytical geometry and calculus for the popular mind, or even for any but a few patient thinkers.
know the truth; a critique of the hamiltonian theory of limitation jesse h. jones

-n-lytical methods which experience has shown to be faulty have been omitted, and replaced by newer and more accurate processes.
poisons: their effects and detection alexander wynter blyth

his first volume of poems had been severely criticised by the -n-lytical review.
the works of william cowper william cowper

i do not know any work of this kind which is clearer, more methodic or more comprehensive than your -n-lytical inst-tutions.
woman in science john augustine zahm

there are several errors in the chronology given in the -n-lytical table.
a short history of rhode island george washington greene

relating to -n-lysis
capable of or given to -n-lysing: an -n-lytic mind
(linguistics) also isolating. denoting languages, such as chinese, whose morphology is characterized by -n-lysis compare synthetic (sense 3), agglutinative (sense 2), polysynthetic
(logic, of a proposition)

true by virtue of the meanings of the words alone without reference to the facts, as all spinsters are unmarried
true or false by virtue of meaning alone; so all spinsters are married is -n-lytically false compare synthetic (sense 4), a priori

(maths) also regular, holomorphic. (of a function of a complex variable) having a derivative at each point of its domain

1520s, from medieval latin -n-lyticus (see -n-lytic) + -al (1). related: -n-lytically.

c.1600, from medieval latin -n-lyticus, from greek -n-lytikos “-n-lytical,” from -n-lytos “dissolved” (see -n-lysis).

-n-lytic an·a·lyt·ic (ān’ə-lĭt’ĭk) or an·a·lyt·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)

of or relating to -n-lysis or -n-lytics.

expert in or using -n-lysis, especially one who thinks in a logical manner.


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