1. the epitomy of cuteness, endearing and lovable.

2. someone who is moony and pensive, constantly preoccupied with other things to the point of not paying attention.
1. parliament displays anything but ananya-like qualities.

2. sorry to interrupt your ananya mood, but we must leave.
someone who acts tough, but is really sweet. an ananya cares about everyone, and is never cruel. she is also incredibly smart, funny and attractive. when you find an ananya,

take care of her and never, ever let her go. cause shes worth it.
“dude, you never should have broken up with karen. she was the best thing that has ever happened to you.”

“she was a real ananya.”
an extremely hot girl who gets all the guys.
she’s such an ananya
an ananya is a very pleasurable fox. she will attract almost any type of guy, whether he be in a long term relationship, or if he drive a custom painted car. an ananya will blow your socks off in a rap battle…and in the cl-ssroom for that matter. chances are she is ranked within the top 5 students of her cl-ss. she will end up a very successful, beautiful, boy band groupie in suburban chicago. oh…and don’t be surprised if she comes to school smelling of curry. (sometimes she likes to wash her hair with it).
fox 1: can i have a picture?
fox 1: …from the tail up 😉
fox 2: uh i am aware that i am a very desirable fox but what will your girlfox have to say about this?
fox 1: she does’t have to know 😉
fox 2: in case you haven’t noticed..i am an ananya and you have no chance with me…ask father fox, he was hoping for a dr. fox who praised buddha.
fox 1: i will never stop fighting for you in the den my dear. never. i aspire to leave my scent on you one day…just so i can call you my very own ananya.

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