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anarch is a self-given t-tle, the -n-logue of a monarch -but as a self-ruled, (“self-mastered”) individual free- will… also conferred as a description of one so self-possessed and intent to define themselves unruled… {-perhap not even by/for themselves, -in the zen way: rather as mastering the enslaving aspects of all exerted intention and control; thus by ‘mediating’ rather than ‘governing’ one’s ‘fate’. the destiny of free will.} {{personally, i highly recommend such methods as “the eightfold way” path of the chakra-yogas, best partially in modern dialect & jargon.}}

also,: 1: “master of chaos” (ie: “, of-:2”); or 2: “an anarchic state or event, (of indulgence and decadent disorder, or-) of unrestrained revelry &-or riotous rampage”; -these usually used disparagingly.
“en [email protected] en ho logos!”
:: a paraphrase of biblical latin in genesis, for “in the beginning was the word!”, rendered {by the addition of the first ‘an’ in ‘[email protected]’,} as “in the before-the-beginning was the logos!”
= an anarch mantra, with permutations of meaning, some typical of semiotic solopsists & gnomic gnostics.

{{{not to confuse the anarch with the paranoid’s mock-godhead: an anarch does not an avatar make; a particle is not it’s wave’s envelope, only the interferrance-crossection of it’s superposition standing- (improbability) wave}}}
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anarch, or anarchist is someone who believes or practices the anarchic mindset. usually wears spikes, studs, black,etc not to be confused with goths or emo’s mainly because they have self respect and friends.
scene kid: wow today sucked i think i’m going to cry
anarch: d-mn scene!
a peep that believes in anarchy and its ways; see anarchy
im a mother f-ckin anarch b-otch

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