a political ideology in which the monarch is counterposed against state bureacracy, a representative for the people against the state. a dark messiah
bane in dark knight rises is an example of anarcho-monarchism; a totalitarian leader who claims to ‘give gotham back to its people.’
anarcho-monarchism might seem like the ultimate contradiction.

philosophically speaking, anarchism has a strong anti-democratic tradition that, far from seeing anarchism as being democracy carried to its logical conclusion, is actually far closer to being instead aristocracy universalised. monarchy can be reinvented as a concept to serve a distinctively libertarian ethos, if one can see in the monarch a symbol of sovereignty that is reflected in the absolute sovereignty of the free individual. the word ‘king’ is derived from the word ‘kin’ – so kingship denotes kinship, the king or queen being a symbolic guardian of the people’s freedom and self-determination. thus handed down generation to generation, the monarch carries the genetic inheritance of the people in a bond of mutual co-inherence.
“what ideology did you say you follow?”


“what the heck is that?”

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