a collection of miscellaneous information about a particular subject, person, place, or thing.
an item in such a collection, as an anecdote, a memorable saying, etc.
contemporary examples

anas mohamed had just hung up the phone when he heard a rapping at the door.
egypt’s vanished: victims of state security force kidnappings? alastair beach september 17, 2012

anas al-dabas, a citizen of daraya, witnessed a m-ssacre in 2012 perpetrated by syrian military forces.
obama administration stiffs chemical survivors on new claim josh rogin, noah shachtman february 19, 2014

during his ordeal, anas said, he began to experience vivid hallucinations as a result of the injections.
egypt’s vanished: victims of state security force kidnappings? alastair beach september 17, 2012

anas sheghri, a protest leader in banias, was jailed in april.
syria’s immovable forces: activists, regime dig in mike giglio june 8, 2011

historical examples

the common pintail duck, (anas acuta,) is found here in vast flocks.
early western travels 1748-1846, volume 21 various

nearly all of them called her by her christian name, “anas.”
artists’ wives alphonse daudet

seeing them in this state, anas ibn n-z-r shamed them: ‘what aileth you that ye are so downcast?’
the life of mohammad etienne dinet

feathers on scapulars and sides of body are as those of anas poecilorhyncha.
the avifauna of micronesia, volume 3 rollin h. baker

flocks of ducks, probably anas rufitorques, were swimming on the water.
travels in the interior of north america, part i, (being chapters i-xv of the london edition, 1843) alexander philipp maximilian, prince of wied

these latter occupy the kingdom of the anas, and are governed by a queen.
harper’s new monthly magazine, no. xi.–april, 1851–vol. ii. various

(pharmacol, obsolete) (of ingredients in a prescription) in equal quant-ties aa
a collection of reminiscences, sketches, etc, of or about a person or place
an item of or for such a collection

a name for anorexia, esp when used as a personification of the disease by its sufferers
a person who identifies himself or herself as an anorexic

article number -ssociation: (in britain) an organization of manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers that provides a system (article numbering) by which a product is identified by a unique machine-readable number compatible with article-numbering systems used in other countries

ana an·a (ān’ə)
both in the same quant-ty; of each. used to refer to ingredients in prescriptions.
administration for native americans
american newspaper -ssociation
american nurses -ssociation
anaheim angels
antinuclear antibody
-ssociation of national advertisers

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