Anchor person

a man or woman who anchors a program of news, sports, etc.; anchor.

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  • Anchor plant

    a south american shrub, colletia cruciata, of the buckthorn family, having flattened green branches and yellowish-white flowers.

  • Anchor pocket

    a recess in the bow of a vessel, for housing a stockless anchor.

  • Anchor ring

    (def 2a). historical examples that day, they set to work at cutting through the great chain that was fast to the anchor ring. mcclure’s magazine, vol. xxxi, september 1908, no. 5 various noun a ring made from an iron bar of circular cross-section

  • Anchor shot

    . historical examples the anchor shot like a plummet for the ground and proceeded to hang itself securely in a corner of rock. panther eye roy j. snell

  • Anchor span

    (on a suspension or cantilever bridge) a span from an anchorage to the nearest pier or tower.

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