and with that said

another catch phrase that dumb people say to sound smart.
example: hi, “and with that said” have a nice day!

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  • Dupachex

    eating a bowl of cereal off of someone’s b-tt. hold still or you’ll spill my cereal dupachex!!

  • shanbunny

    the act of -n-l penetration whilst in a tree guy 1 ‘how’d it go with that girl you left the party with last night?’ guy 2 ‘we made out for a bit then did a shanbunny in the tree out the front of my place’ guy 1 ‘f-ck yeah mate good job’

  • street gym

    an improvised and intuitive training approach, using only the environment to perform different exercises. i was told that doing street gym three times a week, is good for my health.

  • letdowndom

    thing of disappointment the letdowndom was alla n-z-mova-esque excitement.

  • mints or mince

    a game where someone says ‘mints or mince’ and someone guesses which. quite pointless yet fun! mints or mince? mints. correct!

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