abb. of androgynous. having characteristics of both masculine and feminine gender ideals (being some where in the middle or outside the male-female polarity model). andro can refer to clothes, appearence, att-tude, style, or self-identification.
many pop musicians in the 70’s and 80’s cultivated an andro look, e.g. mick jagger, david bowie, annie lennox, prince, and boy george, to name a few.
comes from the greek word “man” also means s-x god and various other inspirations.
people like mick jagger thought of themselfs as andros’ but only the true ones are born with the name.
andros you are so amazing.
a s-x-o-holic person that loves to screw anything that moves. can have s-x anytime 24/7 and never get tired of it. he once -rg-smed for over 17 hours and has the sperm count of a beluga whale.

he is the greatest man alive, with the biggest d-ck ever and b-lls made out of irish gold. he can screw you without even having to whip out his m-ssive 25 inch beast of a veiny c-ck.
bro, i cannot f-ck like andro; that dude can make even jesus c-m with joy
prefix: of or relating to men or the male s-x. similar to anthro-, a synonymous root found in antrhopology, the study of humanity, where “men” is used as a blanket term for all of humanity.
androgens are compounds in biology that stimulate production of male hormones.

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