greek name, he gets victory over men. hit intelligent and foreign
hey andronikos

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  • di di di

    used to describe someone who is so incredible stupid at any given moment. it is believed by professionals that the word originated from people who are themselves di-didis to call others like themselves. guy: my girlfriend is awesome but she’s such a di-didi. guy 2: what did you think was gonna happen if you date […]

  • Vaginal Purging

    when a female regrets having s-x with a man in her past. “im in real need of some v-g-n-l purging right now. if only my v-g-n- could throw up like my stomach did, so i didn’t have to live with admitting that i slept with that guy in the trench coat at the bar.”

  • Nature trick

    in science, an illusory trend created by conflating two different kinds of data. “i’ve just completed mike’s nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards)… to hide the decline.” – climatologist phil jones, in the most infamous climategate email #mike’s nature trick #hide […]

  • Reaper Vagina

    a reaper v-g-n- is a v-g-n- so loose and so scary that it literally pulls you in and eats you. jim: dude i swear that reaper v-g-n- pulled me in deep. bob: dude i told you to watch out for those things.

  • Benedict cucumber thighs

    a name for a worker who recommends your new favourite alcoholic beverage omfg i want to f-ck that benedict cuc-mber thighs #cuc-mber

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