a straight up b-tch, but an unfairly pretty and confident b-tch
“watch out for aneira, she’ll ruin your self esteem and look good while doing it.”

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  • pooted on my balls

    when you fart on someone’s t-st-cl-s. ” my pug pooted on my b-lls and then i screamed. “

  • rajuma

    a s-xy loyal man who is short and has long hair and is loyal he loves darkskinned girls and wen he gets mad he fights with reason girl:your bf such a rajuma friend: i know right

  • poseidon kiss

    when water splashes up from the toilet onto your b-tt from the p–p dropping into the water this morning when i woke up and went to the bathroom, i totally got a poseidon kiss from that t-rd i dropped.

  • la honey

    most filthy of them all.. aka corn ball la honey is unexplainable

  • wapiter

    someone who connects all others in their lives; like the center of the maypole; like the pole is to all the streamers. he was considered a wapiter because he was the center through which all the information & relationships flowed to and from everyone else.

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