angel g

a sh-ty ugly jail bird man who is g-y and loves d-cks.
i love angel g

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  • cherko

    usually a male who is jealous of other couples. they have tiny noses and bowl shaped heads. that guy gets too red when he sees that couple, he’s such a cherko!

  • thailyza

    she is a bad b-tch. most likely the one to catch you eye. looks like a hawaiian goddess and is well active. has a fit body and a great personality. someone who likes to have a great time. thailyza is so beautiful.

  • v.i.p girl

    an underage girl that goes for only older men look there goes that v.i.p girl with kim’s uncle!

  • band dad

    1. the symbolic father figure of other band members. providing support for them in every way possible. 2.literal father of a band player. jeff needed help with all this drama, so he went to his band dad, jim

  • slutbitchfuckwhorebutterface

    the terrible amalgamated syntax used when expressing someone (particularly a female) who goes for a lot of guys and is ugly, yet somehow gets away with it. jenny: omg! kaitlyn is dating conner. alex: isn’t this like her third boyfriend? jenny: yeah! she’s such a sl-tb-tchf-ckwh-r-b-tterface!

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