a majestic creature that was created in the ancient times through a devastating explosion during the angelogan and antelopian war. it produced a fine creature spliced between the angelogan’s and antelopian’s. it combined the two to form the superior race of angelopians that ruled the universe before the time of the humans. it tends to prance through gardens, whispering in french tongues and singing in b-ss tones softly to itself. you can catch them be spreading fresh cantelope fruit in your garden with a masterball at the ready.
omg!!! did you hear?! they discovered a real live angelope the other day!

yeah right…where was it, the gardens of narnia? hohohohoho
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a fine creature that dwells in the wonderful lands of nelson…
loves to prance merrily through the place where the roses grow, especially when high.
“i am the mighty angelope!!!!”

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