it begins as a feeling of slight frustration. maybe you’ll growl or let out a few careless “f-cks”. can be caused by slight things, like spilling your drink on your clothes. it’s more of an annoyance scratching the inside of your skull, not anger.

the next level can be characterized with more magnitude than the first “stage” i described. you’ll curse and put on a hostile facial expression. people may begin to notice.

the third stage is a more intense, and unrestained version of phase two. you’ll clench your fists and yell. adrenaline often will begin pumping, depending on your situation.

the last stage is what people refer to as rage. you lose control of yourself. anything that comes in your way will often become a victim of a punch. in this stage, the conscious mind does not exist and cannot stop you from making choices, eg fighting. the most amazing feeling about this is the unrelenting strength that you receive from the pumping adrenaline.

anger is truly an amazing and destructive emotion, it brings us closer to our true primal roots.
your anger is a gift
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stems from fear, leads to hate.

the desire to punhish other sentient beings who you consider to be harming your position.
i am going to overthrow my government as they wish for me to willingly starve to death and allow my friends and family to be executed.
a strong feeling of displeasure and/or hostility usually caused by someone or something that offends, threatens, or hurts you in some way. it can be good or bad depending on what you do with it and whether or not your grievance is real or imagined.

anger is an active and p-ssive emotion. when “active” an angry person can “lash out” verbally or physically at an intended target whether justified or not. when “p-ssive” anger is often demonstrated in silence, sulking, p-ssive-aggressive behavior (hostility) and tension.
bitterness is like cancer. it eats upon the host. but anger is like fire. it burns it all clean.
noun (usually military term): an officially recognized state of hostility or war between two or more belligerents; often expressed as the phrase “in anger”, now commonly used to describe any state of conflict between opposing parties.
as of the current date, the united states remains the only nation ever to have used atomic weapons in anger, against the j-panese empire in august 1945, in order to bring an end to j-panese resistance during world war ii.
the result of fear
when your child does something that you know they will get hurt from doing it. you lash out in anger and yell at them yet in the back of your mind all you can think about is the fear that they will get hurt.
1. a pr-noun refering to anything that makes you angry.
2. a person which is not on your good side at the moment.
1. goverment oppression is the ultimate anger; i hate school!
2. i think my brother loves being the anger.
the feeling you get when your girlfriend breaks up with you for another guy, then blows you off, breaks up with the boyfriend and still blows you off
guy to ‘x’: hey, hows it going
girl: hey (while walking away)

guys feelings: anger

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