of or relating to anjou or its inhabitants.
relating to the counts of anjou or their descendants, especially those who ruled in england, or to the period during which they ruled.
an inhabitant of anjou.
a member of an angevin royal house, especially that of the plantagenets in england.
historical examples

why should the pope desire the election of an emperor save for the purpose of weakening the angevin power?
the two first centuries of florentine history pasquale villari

they rode in silence toward the advancing angevin army of count charles.
the saracen: the holy war robert shea

it was only abuse of their too-great powers that ruined the early angevin kings.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 10, slice 7 various

in this respect charles peace reminds us irresistibly of our angevin kings.
a book of remarkable criminals h. b. irving

in course of time the angevin gentlemen had returned to paris, although not with much confidence.
chicot the jester alexandre dumas, pere

he had never heard of the angevin who helped any angevin but himself.
the life and death of richard yea-and-nay maurice hewlett

this tax was called the scutage, and amounted to three pounds english, or forty angevin shillings, for each knight’s fee.
c-ssell’s history of england, vol. i (of 9) anonymous

it is only in their own capital indeed that we fully understand our angevin kings, that we fully realize that they were angevins.
stray studies from england and italy john richard greene

when he next turned with a calm, true face to jehane there was not a shred of the angevin in him; all was burnt away.
the life and death of richard yea-and-nay maurice hewlett

they have a special interest in angevin history, for they were the last legacy of the counts to their capital.
stray studies from england and italy john richard greene

a native or inhabitant of anjou
(history) a member of the plantagenet royal line descended from geoffrey, count of anjou, esp one of the kings of england from henry ii to john (1154–1216)
of or relating to anjou or its inhabitants
of or relating to the plantagenet kings of england between 1154 and 1216

1650s, “pertaining to the french province of anjou,” from french angevin, from medieval latin andegavinus, from andegavum “angers,” city in france, capital of anjou (latin andegavia, from andecavi, roman name of the gaulish people who lived here, of unknown origin). in english history, of the plantagenet kings (beginning with henry ii) who were descended from geoffrey, count of anjou, and matilda, daughter of henry i.

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