anggun dictionary

a nonsense but adorable misuse of english
“baby, that makes no sense. is it from the anggun dictionary?”

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  • natre

    the want to f-ck your cousins mother “wow, chris natres clover’s mom” the want to f-ck your cousins mother “wow, chris natres clover’s mom”

  • rezoled

    a word that only makes sense when you’re wasted and knee deep in lot lizard aids. ya but can’t be rezoled with that kind of messages. …

  • cum stump

    noun. a derogatory term for the male genitalia that observes its diminutive stature. 1. stop posting pictures of your diseased c-m stump on here! 2. guy: i got a big d-ck. girl: prove it. guy: -removes pants- girl: hahahaha!! that little thing is nothing more than a c-m stump!

  • nurbo

    a f-ck boy who has to always talk, pretends to be a boxer. tries to convince people he’s straight and is always s-xual. always the first to leave a the group chat because always getting roasted. oh my god nurbo left the group chat again thank god i hate him

  • sufgan

    if your friend has a username like sufganiyot if you call them sufgan it will offend them harder than tumblr users guy 1: hey sufgan how are you sufgan: im mad cause u called me sufgan

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