the “dumb–ss” (pr-nounced dum-azz) redneck, whom has room temperature iq;this individual is highly dangerous around any form of power tools. from birth to death, never lives beyond a 50 mile radius of permanent residence,”the oasis mobile home park”. usually seen in vehilces adorned with curtains, on truck windows. to include accessory mud flaps(with matching neanderthal chapeau deau). at any given time, this nomadic family may break into a sort of “clogging”. this has been mistaken by anthropologist and broadway ch-r-aographers as “dance”. this however turns out to be nothing more than and argument, in which famed “t-b-ss” will get his -ss-kicked again.
look at those angloids shopping at the wal-mart, so thats where children of the corn buy their toilet paper.
d-mn! look at that angloids grill. his name must be “chip” or “clay”!
that womans got summer teeth! a genetic disorder of angloids, ie: summer missin’,summer rotted, summer f-ckin’ ugly.

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