angry black bitch

the female component of the ghetto, hood community (not to be mistaken with normal african americans) who acts a d-mn fool when she feels that her blackness or street credibility is under threat. she usually acts and responds extremely out of proportion with any act committed that they are offended by. examples: the only black girl at work with a headwrap smelling like patouli, who wants to know who let the popcorn burn in the microwave then proceeds to attack the person who thought that 4 minutes of popping was acceptable. the woman who gets angry when you don’t want to buy her man’s mix tape for 12.99 and then curses at you and says that you didn’t deserve to hear such fly sh-t anyhow as she throws a brick at your car window. the black woman at family dollar who yells, why the f-ck do they keep the laundry detergent under lock and key behind the counter… when her intent was to enter the store to steal it. the black woman at the stop light who is still texting her cousin about where the trees are at when the light turns green, but then busts 12 shots at you with her 9mm for honking your horn.
did you see how d-mn hard she just slammed that door cause the gas station didn’t carry newport cigarettes in the box? that’s an angry black b-tch!

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