Angry Ewok

when you’re about to get head from your lady friend, shave in preparation and keep a handful of your p-b-s. then, pull out unexpectedly and skizz on her face, throwing the handful of p-b-s at her so they stick to her now-gooey face.
the fuzzy glare you recieve is a sign that you now have an angry ewok.
(helps especially if she’s a midget.)
dude, i pulled an angry ewok last night!
man you’re such a star wars nerd.
yeah, apparently your mom isn’t.
wait wha?…
when you shave your p-b-s and keep them to throw in a midget’s face after you blow a big load in it while you scream ichiwowa.
man that midget was p-ss-d when i gave her an angry ewok.

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