b-tch, whiner, delusional
“that pasty white f-ck sure is an anguis”

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  • Asshole Recovery Period

    the lag time after a sh-t in which you’re unable to sit down. not to be confused with post sh-t syndrome. rick had an hour long -sshole recovery period after downing 2 foot long chilli cheese dogs.

  • Attention gangbang

    wanting attention but only the attention of multiple people and not being able to handle the attention of just one person. “why couldn’t she tell me her problem in our one on one deep conversation?” “she wanted an attention g-ngb-ng so she told everyone her problem in the group chat”

  • Bæroski

    a bæroski best friend of the opposite gender that is always there for you, no matter what, period. a bæroski can also be a friend with possibilities. “ilysm your my bæroski 4 life!!!!!!!!!!”

  • bbbjcob

    bare back bl-w j-b, ending with you c-mming on her b–bs. she promised me a fantastic bbbjcob

  • blazing white man

    a term used by black or brown people who admire the white mans pale skin. white people dont care about this term and will point the brown or black mans own beauty in their own race black guy: woah that blazing white man walked past me looks like he is on fire! i wonder what […]

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