a stupid,clumsey and freak
the anickers are dumb

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  • through fare

    as a thoroughfare a through fare means a shortcut tom is using this room as a through fare

  • matt heng

    cancer. oh look, matt heng just arrived .

  • denver indiana

    a very small close knit community where everyone is friendly and loving. a great group of christian’s and many farmers. you are always welcome and “at home” in denver indiana i am going to denver indiana to see my family

  • mevagissey special

    noun. to arrive in your intended (or non-intended) destination without pre-arranged accommodation and to get drunk before arranging somewhere to stay. normally results in camping in village squares or sleeping on the back seat of your car. “we should probably find somewhere to stay tonight, it’s already quite late.” “nah, it’ll be fine. let’s just […]

  • glap house

    a place or room where glappin happens. normally filled with normal office garb during the day and then c-ke and booze after 4pm ben, retired to his room in the glap house after a long day of glappin and c-ke

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