that one friend that will always be on your side throughout your ups and downs
girl#1 omg look at anietra

girl#2 she’s the best friend everybody wants

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  • pelekanphobia

    an illogical (although some may argue perfectly reasonable) fear of pelican birds. originates from the greek word pelekan. i have had a serious case of pelekanphobia ever since i watched finding nemo.

  • hot willy

    like a wet w-lly, but with a half eaten piping hot chip (french fry). awh mate, that bird was absolutely sk-nk, good thing you got rid of her with a hot w-lly!

  • dick cheese mcgee

    a person with a lot of d-ck cheese, and eats it. wow, that’s some scrumptious d-ck cheese mcgee, devin. thanks, jim.

  • are you fishing?

    are you fishing? meaning looking for some or hinting that you want a complement. fishing for someone to say something nice about you -“my legs look so fat” -“are you fishing? you’re so thin.”

  • eric serra

    a g-y c-nt who likes m-ssive c-ck. he cries sometimes when it goes deep into his throat but likes the extra lubricant. kyran: how g-y is eric serra? nick: so g-y lmao jonno: yeah but he’s got a nice zub aye kyran: stfu jonno nick: do you follow kystv?

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