near; close to.
nearby; close by.
historical examples

ere for the knight his helmet / they undid again, from his head they drew the spear-point; / to death he was anigh.
the nibelungenlied unknown

but how could the beetle-powder have got anigh the children out of my pocket, sir?
johnny ludlow, second series mrs. henry wood

and you little maiden, take an old man’s warning, and look before you leap, as mayhap i and jowler may not be anigh next time.
little folks (november 1884) various

the fury of scylla and the roaring recesses of her crags you have been anigh; the rocks of the cyclops you have trodden.
the aeneid of virgil virgil

and high time, hasn’t been anigh them this three years, by all accounts.
the cloister and the hearth charles reade

but she bent over him till her face was anigh his, and he lifted up his face and kissed her mouth.
the water of the wondrous isles william morris

some people have a way of gettin’ the biggest share of nearly everybody’s liking that comes next or anigh ’em.
robbery under arms thomas alexander browne, aka rolf boldrewood

but wait a bit; her’s rare an’ wroth this mornin’, and i ain’t sure as it’s safe to be anigh her.
aunt rachel david christie murray

no soljer’s ever anigh ’em, and they’ve jest got lots and plenty o’ everything.
si klegg, book 3 (of 6) john mcelroy

well, when he’s let loose, don’t he go chevying and racing about over everything and into everything that’s next or anigh him?
robbery under arms thomas alexander browne, aka rolf boldrewood


“nearby,” c.1200, from a- (1) + nigh.

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