Anika Verma

someone who will f-ck anyone for money. and is often called a sl-t or wh-r-.
that girl was acting like an anika verma

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  • panochon

    a guy who loves to be in everyone’s business and never shuts the f-ck up. lilly: “hey what are you all talking about??” kimberly “none of your business panochon!”

  • Bold impaler

    a person who attempts to have s-xual relations with a friend’s, coworker’s, or boss’s family member. my friend nate tried to hook up with his friend gage’s sister, i have much more respect for him being such a bold impaler.

  • California igloo

    when a male applies icy hot to his t-st-cl-s before mating “d-mn girl you gon experience a california igloo tonight”

  • woopdidoo

    sarcastic, happiness, showing emotions; a snarly response to a rhetorical question teachers pet~”you know that you are not supposed to be doing that!” rebel student~”well woopdidoo” woopdido clap-back

  • Chocolate Sprinkles

    if a female has a substantial amount of hair in her nether reagion, she may be accused of having chocolate sprinkles. you’d think she’d have a clean shave, but she had some serious chocolate sprinkles.

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