full of life, action, or spirit; lively; vigorous:
an animated debate on the death penalty.
made or equipped to move or give the appearance of moving in an animallike fashion:
animated puppets.
containing representations of animals or mechanical objects that appear to move as real ones do:
an animated window display.
contemporary examples

“i think that would be a great idea,” berman responds, animatedly.
the last liberal? tunku varadarajan may 25, 2010

historical examples

“they came in their own carriage, too,” said the sister, animatedly.
the wit and humor of america, volume vi. (of x.) various

“she’s no slouch of a scribe neither,” continued corbin animatedly.
colonel starbottle’s client and other stories bret harte

at dinner she talked to him so animatedly (and so personally) that no one else could get a word in edgewise.
the vehement flame margaret wade campbell deland

now, said burton animatedly, consider what zip has had to do.
the boy patrol around the council fire edward sylvester ellis

in circles like his, the equalization of the jews with the other citizens was animatedly discussed, by partisans and opponents.
jewish literature and other essays gustav karpeles

“i am not so simple as not to be able to make a distinction,” replied piotr animatedly.
the created legend feodor sologub

the look of his eyes was resolute, calm, and animatedly alert, as never before.
war and peace leo tolstoy

as harley remained silent, the old lady ran on animatedly, but harley was no longer listening.
fire-tongue sax rohmer

four lawyers softly but animatedly conversed with the prisoners.
mother maksim gorky

full of vivacity and spirit; lively
characterized by movement and activity: an animated scene met her eye
possessing life; animate
moving or appearing to move as if alive: an animated display
pertaining to cinematographic animation

1530s, “alive,” past participle adjective from animate (v.). meaning “mentally excited” is from 1530s; “full of activity” from 1580s. the “moving pictures” sense is attested from 1895; of cartoons from 1897. related: animatedly.

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