there aren’t any definitions for animing yet.

can you define it?

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  • hardcore shit

    the act in where you are p–ping a really hard load and it tears your -n-l cavity apart and immerses pain to your -n-s. “yo bob, if you don’t mind me asking, could i use your bathroom to take a hardcore sh-t.” ##sh-t #p–py #p–p #-n-s #sh-tty #-n-l

  • Empata-Fodas

    uma pessoa que acompanha um casal sem razão aparente e fica a ” fazer de vela “. ahahah, joaquim, ganda empata-fodas! #vela

  • Vineworm

    someone who knows everything about vines,it’s stars,it’s flaws,it’s top sayings,ect…. basically a book worm. but about vine. usually they are annoying. ted is such a vineworm he needs to get a life.

  • Pokezombie

    someone who wanders around aimlessly in public playing pokemon go on their phones. look at all of those pokezombies! someone throw a rock at them! a pokezombie is a person who is so intent on playing pokemon go, that they forget about the real world and get in the way of people or get hurt […]

  • Gpoc

    gay parties of color when rene went to new york city, he was interesting in attending a gpoc because he likes meeting a diverse group of gays. #gay #party #diversity #multicultural

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