strong dislike or enmity; hostile att-tude; animosity.
purpose; intention; animating spirit.
(in the psychology of c. g. jung) the masculine principle, especially as present in women (contrasted with ).
contemporary examples

hence the animus of former candidate and texas governor rick perry, candidate ron paul, and even mitt romney.
the fed’s forthright admission about our messy economic situation zachary karabell june 20, 2012

but his lack of animus also comes from his post-war experience, one day in particular.
healing the wounds of bataan michael norman september 18, 2009

in their meeting, mao made explicit both his patience on taiwan and animus against moscow.
winston lord and leslie h. gelb: nixon’s china opening, 40 years later winston lord, leslie h. gelb february 19, 2012

both shows were a good example of the animus mills felt toward writing that leaned on coy or grotesquely delivered stereotypes.
david mills’ gift to television stanley crouch april 4, 2010

i have no animus for those who are touched by such heights of fame.
harry belafonte: black artists must do more harry belafonte september 1, 2012

historical examples

such, in general terms, is the animus of the two political parties of prussia.
the continental monthly, vol. 6, no 3, september 1864 various

easter was too far away, and the animus of the school was for quiet study.
miss ashton’s new pupil mrs. s. s. robbins

it is the intention, the animus with which an act is done, and not the act itself which const-tutes the sin.
christian sects in the nineteenth century caroline frances cornwallis

austen did not smile; he could well understand his father’s animus in this matter.
mr. crewe’s career, complete winston churchill

the animus displayed toward the enemy is far removed from the precept which enjoins that he shall be loved.
the world’s progress, vol. i (of x) various

intense dislike; hatred; animosity
motive, intention, or purpose
(in jungian psychology) the masculine principle present in the female unconscious see also anima

1820, “temper” (usually in a hostile sense), from latin animus “rational soul, mind, life, mental powers; courage, desire,” related to anima “living being, soul, mind, disposition, p-ssion, courage, anger, spirit, feeling,” from pie root -ane- “to blow, to breathe” (cf. greek anemos “wind,” sanskrit aniti “breathes,” old irish -n-l, welsh anadl “breath,” old irish animm “soul,” gothic uzanan “to exhale,” old norse anda “to breathe,” old english eðian “to breathe,” old church slavonic vonja “smell, breath,” armenian anjn “soul”). it has no plural. as a term in jungian psychology for the masculine component of a feminine personality, it dates from 1923.

animus an·i·mus (ān’ə-məs)

an animating or energizing spirit.

intention to do something; disposition.

a spirit of active hostility; ill will.

in jungian psychology, the masculine inner personality as present in the unconscious of the female.

[“constraint-based animation: the implementation of temporal constraints in the animus system”, r. duisberg, phd thesis u washington 1986].

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