someone who consistently owns any type of pet for a fraction of a second, then abandons it with no remorse. they typically can be seen posting various snapshots of their new animal friend, gushing over the love they have for the new sparky of their lives on various social media sites; only to follow up with a new post of “help me find a home for sparky #12!”

aniwh-r-s typically fall in love with the idea or face of a new pet, only to realize their poor -sses cannot feed or give basic care. they’ve also been known to abandon animals because of the following reasons: this puppy sh-t in my house, it’s gotta go.; this cat scratched my kid, it’s gotta go.; this dog barks, it’s gotta go.; this rabbit requires food, it’s gotta go.
“did you see josey’s new kitten on facebook!?!,” “which one? the one she dumped in the woods yesterday? or the

one she picked up coming home from dumping the one in the woods yesterday?” “god, what an aniwh-r-!”

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