ankle spanker

an extremely long p-n-s that often collides with the ankles. often too long for s-xual pleasure. mainly used as a large fleshy whip for those who like it rough.
ow! you’re not stepping on my toes. that’s my ankle spanker!
a man who owns a very large p-n-s.
or has very short legs and an average sized p-n-s
mini-me is the owner of an ankle spanker!
an ankle spanker is a huge p-n-s that, when hard, could possibly rip open a horse. often steped on by the owners friends.
brittney!! get off my ankle spanker!
when someone wears trousers that are too short so the bottoms of them end up spanking your ankles when you walk.
dave: oi look at his trousers they’re too small for him
jim: i know right he’s got some right ankle spankers!
a huge p-n-s…so huge it spanks ur ankle
wow ur hung like a mule, u have an ankle spanker
a d-ck,sausage,p-dog,talliwacker,purple helmet orior
thats a big ankle spanker you got there.

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