anna gold

-a euphemism for “-n-l dong”, which is a popular choice of name for many aspiring p-rnstars (who shove dongs up their -n-ses, ani, or however you grammatically pr-nounce the plural form of an -n-s).
-the alternate youtube channel that contains dank music produced by joji, aka filthy frank, pink guy, salamander man, and all the other deities. oh sh-t chin-chin is here! he must’ve realized that i leaked the power of the filthy mix tapes. send help, quick. no! the sacrifices-
“ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo” (a sudden voice in your head translates: “the dark lord is coming, i love p-n-s”). bun de sore o tsukau hōhō wa…
“hay baus. can i habe the anna gold pusi boss.”
“no pink guy, we must harness the power of our anna gold channel before chin chin arrives. he’s traveling to the 3234451x, 132059426y coordinate through the urbandictionary realm. aw sh-t! he’s already…”

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