daaammmnn, a s-xyy fine -ss girl who can always make you laugh. so d-mn good in bed, she rocks it tilll dawn with a nice round -ss. has pretty face and huge t-ts. usually a brunette.
look at annalise go
really pretty is the nicest person, brown hair brown eyes, usually is seen playing sports and socialising, super crazy ,makes you laugh, always has a good time with friends.
loves to get involved with anything she can and is the most popular girl in her cl-ss really smart and is amazing!
“hey did you see that new girl in cl-ss? she’s so hot!”

“yeah, she’s totally an annalise”
a mega babe. blonde hair, blue eyes. the prettiest girl in school. all the boys love her. annalise is very popular and everyone just loves being around her. annalise has m-ssive t-ts and very tanned.
annalise is looking real s-xy today.
1. an incredibly unusual human of the ‘female’ model.
generally quite good-looking, artistic and generally, cooler than you.

2. refers to a human female with a chameleon sensibility, but unchanging insides. clothing styles she may embrace are: lolita, goth, steampunk, st-tchpunk, and/or dyk-dom. which is not technically a fashion.

3. a small, fetal potato.
that anna-lise is frickin’ rad.
someone that is a chick that has huge t-ts, fine -ss skinny waist and loves to have s-x. has blonde hair.
d-mn that annalise is so f-cking hot, i want to do her right now.
girl with brown hair and blue eyes who has got a wetsuit tan
d-mn she is a ‘annalise’
a m-ssive c-nt. the most uncool person in the entire world. smells like dogsh-t and looks like -ss. has no friends and wishes she was someone else. also has a 11 toe and a hairy tw-t. c-nt. and a liar too
bro 1: yo did u get with that girl last night?

bro 2: nah, she reminded me too much of an anna-lise.

bro 1: what a c-nt

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