the last name of a girl that i like. from the coast of coos bay. and i haven’t been able to tell her because i’m afraid of what might happen. so this is how i will tell her if she might end up reading this. the first time i saw you i can’t remember. but when i got to actually meet you in high school my heart skipped a beat. but i never grew a pair to be able to tell you i liked you. i always thought you had the most am-ssing personality. when i was younger i always thought telling someone you liked them was easy. but when you actually like them it’s impossible to tell them. i had a full semester of talking to you, and the more and more i did the more and more i became interested in you. then i had to move all of the sudden, i had to move and now i regret not telling you even more. so now i’m a full 500 miles away. and i still couldn’t tell you. i’m scared because you get so many people telling you they like you. i am afraid that if i were to talk you i like you. you might think of me as everybody else. so i didn’t want anything like our conversations together to change. some of my most favorite conversations come from between you and i. so right now i’m starting to get a pair of b-lls and tell you that i liked you. if you don’t feel the same i totally understand but i just don’t want anything to become wierd between us. so this is how i am gonna tell you. i’m sorry i’m so late about saying it.
amy annaloro a beautiful person that i have grown to love but didn’t know how to tell her

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