a v-g-n-
wow! that annalysia is so big!

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  • biega

    a hot s-xy girl big b–bs and -ss and funny usually tall and fit. boy1: f-ck did you see biega to how s-xy was she boy2: i know right

  • McPoop Two

    when your dog p–ps two times in one walk forcing you to use the same p–p bag twice. let me get a mcp–p two!

  • sucking off

    to give someone a bl-wj-b “yeah, i was sucking off brad in the hot-tub last night, it was wild!”

  • butt sex maneuver

    when you basically go in from the back and you insert your d-ck hardly into the -sshole and then you can maneuver the girl. uberduber b-tt s-x maneuver!

  • menigasm

    when a girl is on her menstural period and has an -rg-sm while she bleeds. mellisa: yeah i had a menigasm last night.

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