an amazing swimmer, a good friend, and a hottie! (; usually has brown hair and brown eyes. one of a kind!
dang! that girl is such an anni! she swims fast!
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short for annihilation which is short for absolute pwnage, nuff said.
omg dude, anni pwnt your face on friday.
one who is a complete lushface, proud of the b–bage area, is the envy of man kind, installs a feeling of jealousy in the hearts of many.
“wow, i wish i was annis”
“omg your personality is such an annis”
a beautiful girl, typically short, with brown hair and brown eyes. she’s got the best personality, and is the most fun to hang with. she likes to lead, not follow. her view on the world is completely different than everyone else’s. what she lacks in self confidence she makes up for in talent. she’s the best friend and/or girlfriend a person could have. <3 dang, i wish i had a girl like anni a selfish lover frat dude: hey how far did you go with anni last night? other frat dude: it was bullsh-t, i did all of the work and then got nothing anni is a very selfish person. other than that she's lazy and narcissistic. she claims to be the hottest person on earth, but anyone with eyes can see that she's one of the ugliest. the only good quality anni has, is that she's smarter than most people, though she's not very logically thinking. guy: "d-mn, i feel ugly today." girl: "you are ugly in general." guy: "f-ck you, what about yourself?!" girl: "i'm pretty and smart, i'm everything a guy wants.." guy: "sure... anni."

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