state of being after dealing with any government agency.

see also p-ssed off, hostile, angry, and borderline psychotic.
joe was remarkably annoyed after spending 15 hours on the phone to the irs.
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to p-ss off someone for no reason
haley: awwww(in a whiny voice) this isnt my house but i want everything to be my wayyyy

meek: oh my god… (walks to room, annoyed)
to make something that really angers and annoys people
god that motherf-cker that made every word here really annoyed me
i make all these wonderful amazing definitions and none of them are accepted! if any of them get accepted i bet it will be this one and that makes me sooo annoyed
not getting all your good definitions in and getting this stupid one published, is an example of annoyed!!!!!
to be literally f-cking over everything.
to be so over it that you’re under it.
see: kim kardashian
i’m like, so annoyed.

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