annoying whale

1. annoying b-tch-s who have p-ss-d you off and are also fat. usually permanently annoying and makes you want to impale every single fat person with a rusty spear.

2. the girl you walk by in the hallway at school is always like wahhahaha or hey (friend), whhatttss upp?? in that f-ck-ng annoying only-whale tone you can’t quite put your finger on without going insane.

3. sure they have friends, usually those annoying blonde and skinny b-tch-s who are so f-ck-ng annoying as well. they usually like to dry dock themselves on the couch and eat continuously.

4. they never ever eat in front of their boyfriend if they manage to get one for one sad reason, g-d bless the boy who was lured in by a sick sense of low self-esteem and/or loneliness. the fat whale usually likes to laugh like bahahahaha because well….you’d do that if you were fat too…right?

5. thinks she is popular on mysp-ce with all those friends…but…is really not. who’s gonna say no to a friend invite if you know/have heard of/seen them in school or work?

6. loves cake and little cute things like bows and h-llo kitty sh-t. honestly…that stuff makes whales look fatter….it just does okay?

7. hated by many. period.
josh: hey man did you see that f-ck-d up annoying whale over there?

jake: yeah i know her, thats katie the whale. shes so f-ck-ng annoying with her f-ck-d up laughs and her annoying little friend greetings and pathetic f-ck-ng dumb-ss gestures…’s hilarious…and the best part is…. shes huge!!!

both: hahahahahaha…….!

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