no one actually knows… it was just a sick the 1975 song that one time.
// its an an-brain //

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  • nayhum

    f-ckboy t-tty looking -ss b-tch your a nayhum

  • wrench bandit

    a male or female that likes to unexpectedly grope another males p-n-s, or in some cases, give unexpected surprise “on the spot” oral. mike: “hey you going to that party tonight?” dave: “for sure, cathy is going to be there. she’s a total wrench bandit”

  • sausos

    australian slang for sausages chuck a few more sausos on the barbie mate

  • chair in the grass

    people who likes to sit down alone and appreciate nature around them “i’m tired of hanging out with friends. it is time to be a chair in the gr-ss and listen to the trees rustling and birds chirping.”

  • woo guy

    the idiot who kept wooing constantly during super bowl 50, causing many to mute the game. the woo guy is the most hated man in america since bin laden.

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