one whom takes credit for others hard work
anonzeus stole their thunder

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  • signiac

    signiac sahy-nee-ak a person, mascot or team exhibiting extreme p-ssion, excitement & enthusiasm for a personal or collective cause & displaying a sign. the warriors have steph, the cavs have king james but the team you wanna be on is the world peace signiacs.

  • apple wrist

    when ur wrist hurt from holdin ur phone all day hey i got apple wrist cause my phone so hot

  • game burnout syndrome

    game burnout syndrome is a condition in which a gamer is worn out from playing their usual games way more than their standard amount of time in a day. this syndrome is especially prevalent during the time school/college students are on break and have much more free time to play games instead of doing something […]

  • frida khalo

    a smear of p–p between the eyes, from any source, but especially when a girl or guy sits on your face and sh-ts a little dollop-a-doo-doo between your eyes. may be accidental, especially if you gotta hairy -sshole, you might leave a little paint on the brush. that hippy b-tch frida-khalo’d me. f-ck! it was […]

  • guyaitus

    a hiatus from guys i am taking a guyaitus from men

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