anoop gill

a person with lots of swag that everybody lives
he was an anoop gill at the party.

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  • paablito

    a way to call someone as a subst-tute for “homie”, popular among the international students in the north-east american liberal arts colleges. guy 1: yo! down for some squash later? guy 2: ayyy paablito, u no i’m down.

  • bungeyed

    bungeyed is when one consumes enough alcohol to be absolutely sh-tfaced and cops darts for the f-cken boys. whoah sam and max were so bungeyed at duck creek

  • defrosting

    adjective: feeling exhausted in the morning from partying or staying up too late the night before. “i can’t get going this morning because i’m ‘defrosting’ from clubbing way too late last night.”

  • deirmon

    deirmon is the type of friend who seems suicidal and hates everyone… deirmon is a f-g

  • atomic dong

    a d-ck that strikes with nuclear force. i took that hasian from the bar home last night and gave her the atomic dong. it was hiroshima all over again.

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