a person suffering from or especially .
contemporary examples

the anorexic woman who broke down when her stomach began to expand.
a new debate over in vitro danielle friedman july 26, 2010

two months after anorexic model isabelle caro died, her mother committed suicide.
isabelle caro: anorexic model dies, her mother commits suicide. how should the fashion industry respond? barbie latza nadeau february 6, 2011

another high schooler tearfully confesses to being teased by her peers because they thought she was anorexic.
does the media hate women? jessica bennett october 19, 2011


1876; see anorexia + -ic. the immediate source or model is perhaps french anorexique. as a noun meaning “person with anorexia nervosa” it is attested from 1913.

anorexic an·o·rex·ic (ān’ə-rěk’sĭk)
relating to or suffering from anorexia nervosa.
an’o·rex’ic n.

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