a human being that is obsessed with the -n-s of any species
i can’t stop looking at -sses i guess that’s because i’m an anos-xual

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  • Aominism

    aominism, as stated on twitter, is based around the belief that you are better than anyone else, where every aominist holds great confidence in themselves. aominism is all about loving yourself and putting yourself as your top priority because the only one who can love you better than you, is you. yonameshiccup: it’s healthy. it’s […]

  • Appalachian Anal

    while you are using chewing or dipping tobacco, you spit into your partner’s -n-s and use it as lubricant wanna try some appalachian -n-l? what’s that? i’ma show yow throws in some chaw, bends her over and spits in that b-tt

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  • ashy

    when a person of color’s skin is so dry that their skin begins to turn a shade of white and crack. a slang term for extremely dry skin. peron1: i’m so ashy! it looks like i’m wearing a pair of white stockings! person2: yea. me too. got any lotion? 20

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    festive -n-l decoration her fake fox tail is some serious -ss pizzazz.

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