a person named ano who is fanastic
ano is anotastic

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  • reed peek

    1. a subtle, sometimes innocent glance, especially at potentially hot chicks. it is primarily an evaluation peek. 2. a quick glance that is meant to go unnoticed, but it caught by somebody he definately took a reed peek at the chicks at the beach to see if they were hott.

  • respectable f

    an f grade that is almost a d, but is still an f. indicates some effort in a cl-ss. it is almost p-ssing, therefore respectable; as oppsed to a 13% f that is beyond redemption. person 1: did you get an f? person 2: yeah, but it is an respectable f. almost at a d. […]

  • resphidiouso

    one bad m-th-rf-ck-r who don’t give a f-ck about you i’m sorry have i met you before? a resphidiouso is someone with the last name curtis and is pro at just about everything they do. this person is more pro than any of the other pros though so he can not be f-ck-d with. often […]

  • *ss banner

    a tattoo on the lower back. often used as an adertis-m-nt for s-xual availability also called a tramp stamp, b-mper sticker, or -ss antlers. lindsey got an -ss banner so that everyone would know she was available.

  • aftskin

    the opposite of foreskin. it is the extra skin around your b-tthole. yo jesse, why is your wallet made out of aftskin?

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